Ki Je Khai The Calcutta cloud kitchen

Ki Je Khai is a new concept cloud kitchen in Kolkata. Popular bengali dishes both vegetarian and non vegetarian in a new package and worth a healthy meal. It was new concept to us though we have shot bowls before and also to shoot an Indian version of the wrap.

Ki Je Khai is a fast-food kitchen that offers healthier alternatives to commonly available junk food.
At Ki Je Khai, we believe that healthy living is fast becoming a key lifestyle choice. We want to aid that process by providing our consumer with healthier eating options that are tasty, pocket friendly and can be enjoyed regularly without having to worry a lot about potential health issues.
All our efforts go into making Ki Je Khai’s menu tastier than your regular salads and health food and healthier than regular junk food, at very affordable prices. Our products are perfect as school lunches, pre/postworkout snacks, quick bites in the evening or on the way to a party and so forth.

We are not some fancy restaurant with a whole range of amazingly curated dishes. We are just your next door brand that wants to fill your hunger pangs with healthy yet tasty and affordable food.

Very happy with their work. Thoroughly professional and high-quality output 🙂

Samidh Bhattacharyya