Rushk Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates? It’s always a great feeling to get associated with the first Bean to Bar chocolate from Kolkata. Howrah actually.  Rushdah Humaira is a “Bean to Bar” chocolate maker trained from Cocoashala under famous Chocolatier L Nitin Chordia.

As per her –  The chocolates that we bring to the market are made with the sole mission of infusing a sense of good, chocolate taste among people. We are giving them an opportunity to know and distinguish between the authentic chocolate. We are the micro-batch bean to bar fine chocolate makers, who follow the process of carefully sorting fresh cocoa beans from the plantations of South India. We realized that the secret of good chocolate making lies in the plantation and procurement of the cocoa pods. Our beans are transported directly from local farmers. Our chocolates are wrapped in zero-waste no plastic virgin foils packed in hemp paper-free boxes. Each chocolate box is screen printed, promoting employment at various levels. The aim is to create an inclusive industry that works hand in hand with indigenous chocolate flavors that set the standard for distinct taste in the chocolate industry.


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Rushdah Humaira

Founder, Owner Rushk Chocolates