The Yellow Straw

The Yellow straw is a very successful start up in Kolkata by two young entrepreneurs, Their fresh fruit juice has always been well appreciated and they approached us for photoshoot for their new launch – Ayurvedic Kadha and healthy salads and sandwiches.

All the photos have been shot in our studio and glad that the outcome was loved by the client.

“It was such a great experience to work with Anindya. I highly recommend his services. His great insightful advice really helped us to bring out the overall outcome of our new product launch!” — Renu Khinwasara, Co-Founder

“We have known Anindya since long, but this was our first ever professional experience with him. Knowing how passionate he is when it comes to his work, it was a really satisfying photoshoot session. The best part was that his expectations with respect to the outcome were even higher than the client, which truly reflected in their work.” — Piyush Kankaria, , Co-Founder